Horseshoe Chain
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Horseshoe Chain
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- Brooke and Corey Bechtold -
5 pound catfish... Through the Ice!!!
The Horseshoe Chain of
lakes, more commonly
known as the Sauk River
Chain, covers almost
The Chain...
The Chain...
swim the waters of the
Horseshoe Chain. Panfish
are available throughout
the Chain and can provide
some excellent action.
lakes in the Sauk River
Chain is Horseshoe Lake.
Horseshoe is a catfish
haven in the winter, and
the fishing can be very
Horseshoe Lake
The Catfish...
With fish averaging 18-21
inches and weighing about 2-3
pounds, it makes getting on a
school of these brutes very
worth while. Often times,
these catfish will stack up in
one spot and its not
uncommon to have 15-20 fish
underneath you at one time. These catfish are typically found
in deeper holes and along deep edges. You can find them
suspended throughout the water column and the
misconception of bottom hugging catfish doesn't apply out on
the Chain in the winter. Catching catfish a few feet below the
ice does happen. The experience of catching a catfish
through the ice is like none other. Catfish are generally light
The Catfish...
600,000 acres, and is an outstanding fishery. The Sauk River
Chain consists of a series of lakes and they are home to an
abundance of species. Both shallow and deep water is
available to the fish and the forage content helps sustain
adequate growth. Catfish are commonly targeted throughout
the winter months out on the Horseshoe Chain, and some nice
catches can be accumulated. Walleyes are present too, and in
pretty good numbers. Both large and smallmouth bass also
biters in the winter, and act
much like a crappie when they
take the bait. A slight bend of
the rod tip or a twitch in the
line is the only indication of a
bite some days. The hook-set
is a different story though.
Catfish are strong fish, and it
feels as if you hooked into a
cinder block when you set the
hook into one of these
whiskered fish. Catfish
through the ice are in a league
of their own.
Catfish are every bit as tough in the winter as they are in open
water and are phenomenal in the frying pan. Catching catfish
through the ice, you gotta love it!!!
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Catfish Through the Ice!!!
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